Amy M.

Amy M.

After being told I was 20 years too young for double knee replacements, I felt completely defeated.  Constant double knee pain was keeping me up at night, unable to keep up with my own schedule, as well as trying to attend the extracurricular activities and events of my two active kids.   It was difficult to stand, walk, climb stairs, and I began to turn down social engagements just to stay at home and rest my arthritic knees.   I found myself with a diminished quality of life in my early 40’s, and I desperately wanted help.

I arrived at IMAC Regeneration Center, where I was told for the first time that there WAS HOPE… and it wasn’t surgery, but an amazing stem cell procedure where they took my own stem cells and put them back into my knees.   Skeptical at first, I asked a lot of crazy questions to convince myself this wasn’t a “sci-fi” situation, or a “too good to be true” method of care.  I was reassured by the expertise of the medical team when they went over the entire stem cell procedure, and within an hour I was literally WALKING out of the center on two brand new knees!   In a follow-up PRP injection, I had to ask one of the staff if they put numbing medicine in my knees, that I went from intense pain to almost ZERO pain in the SAME DAY!  My recovery only took a few days, and I was back to work after a weekend of relaxing at home.

I don’t have to stretch my knees first thing in the morning to get out of bed.   I no longer have to prop my knees up at the end of the day, or take daily over-the-counter pain medicine to function.   Since my procedure, my daily walking average has almost doubled, and I’m not even trying to fit in more walking time, but just LIVING MY LIFE!   I have experienced diminished pain, sleep-filled nights not tossing and turning, increased social activities and increased quality of life.   The only downside to this procedure is I should’ve had it done YEARS AGO.

I can’t thank the staff of the IMAC Regeneration Center enough for giving me my life back.   Being a part of my children’s lives has been the greatest gift anyone could have given me.   And I am forever grateful for the memories I get to make with them that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to make.   You have given me not only new knees; you have given me my life back!

-Amy M.

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